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-Feudal Kingdoms Quickstart Guide+{{ :agzpqzbs.jpg?nolink |}}
 +This quickstart guide should provide you with all the neccessary information you need to be able to make your first steps in Feudal Kingdoms.<br>  
 +Please keep in mind that this is not a complete walk through or a guide on how to win the game, after all, YOU are the future lord of Toria.<br><br> 
 +For additional help or strategic discussions join our <a href="https://discord.gg/5RDF84Y6F5">Discord Server</a> 
 +**Table of contents** 
 +  * [[User Interface|User Interface]] 
 +  * [[Settments and buildings|Settments and buildings]] 
 +  * [[Agents|Agents]] 
 +  * [[Armies and combat|Armies and combat]] 
 +  * [[Modding|Modding]] 
 +{{ :kingdoms.png?nolink |}} 
 +<html><center>The sub-pages will be updated while the game further develops. <br> Last Update: 22.12.2020</center></html>